• Macrobiotic chef who wrote cookery book with Boy George is suing her New Age guru partner for a 'common law divorce' payout in unique case

    A new-age guru to the stars is being sued by the mother of his child in a unique bid to secure a 'common law divorce' payout.

    Simon Brown, who says that his teachings 'come from a place of love', is disputing the mother of his 16-year-old son’s right to a share of his wealth or the £500,000 home they shared for more than 15 years, despite her claim that they were 'man and wife' in all but a legal sense.

    Mr Brown, who practices holistic health therapies and counts Boy George and Alicia Silverstone amongst his celebrity clients, is facing a High Court claim for half of his wealth from former partner Dragana Brown.

    This includes a 50 per cent share of his flat in Camden, West London, half the value of his collection of classic Jaguar cars and half the royalties for two of his books written since September 2010.

    Although the couple share the same surname they are not married.

    Ms Brown,a 48-year-old macrobiotic chef, co-authored a cookery book with Boy George about the diet which is based around grains, local vegetables, and avoiding animals products and processed foods, and is linked with the belief that food quality can affect health, happiness and well-being.

    Famous followers of the diet are said to include actress and model Kelly Brook and singers Madonna and Sting.

    She claims her guru partner told her that she 'need not worry' about their home being in his sole name 'as she was protected as a common law wife' should they split up.

    However when the couple parted ways in 2008, after a 'serious and committed relationship' which lasted 15 years and produced a child, Mr Brown told his former partner that she had 'no legal or beneficial interest' in his flat, his cars or the books.


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    Mercredi 19 Avril 2017 à 19:39

    Nice post thanks!

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